Signs that your central heating system needs a power flush include:

 – Radiators hot at the top and cold at the bottom.

 – System requiring regular air bleeding.

 – Noisy boiler operation (kettling).

 – Failure of system pump.

 – Black fluid emitted when bleeding air valves.

 – Higher than necessary gas bills.

A poorly maintained central heating system will gradually accumulate mineral and metal deposits. These substances congregate at the bottom of radiators and pipes as a thick, black sludge, slowly building up to restrict flow throughout the system. Circulating sludge can damage heat exchangers in boilers and cause premature erosion of system pump components. Left untreated, sludge deposits will completely constrict pipes, cause electrical pumps to burn out and severely reduce the working life of a central heating boiler and system. Boiler warranties can often be invalidated by an owner’s failure to carry out regular system maintenance, including power flushing.

A Combico Heating engineer is specially trained in the technique of mechanical Power flushing. The Combico Heating engineer will use specialist equipment to force cleaning fluids under pressure around the central heating system to flush away harmful deposits. The Combico Heating engineer will then re-fill the central heating system and include special sludge inhibitor chemicals to reduce further sludge development.

The Combico Heating engineer will also recommend the installation of a magnetic particle filtration device. This device requires no additional power source and can be simply and quickly installed during the power flushing procedure. Once correctly installed, the magnetic filter will remove any iron particulate material, which is a chief component of sludge. The filter can be routinely serviced during an annual boiler and system maintenance procedure carried out by a Combico Heating engineer.

Following a complete Combico Heating engineer power flushing procedure, a boiler and central heating system will run much quieter and considerably more efficiently than before.