The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 place a statutory duty on landlords of residential properties to ensure that all gas appliances, pipe-work and flues serving the property are maintained in a safe condition.


It is a landlord’s responsibility to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) every twelve months. The landlord can authorise a property management company to obtain a CP12 on the landlord’s behalf.


Gas Safety checks must be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


A Combico Heating Gas Safe registered engineer can arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect gas appliances and any regulated attachments at the tenanted or empty property.


The Combico Heating Gas Safe registered engineer will check:


Ÿ  - Physical stability, presence and the effectiveness of stability brackets.

Ÿ  - The gas appliances for gas tightness.

Ÿ  - Standing and working pressures.

Ÿ  - Burner pressure and gas rate against the manufacturer’s data plate.

Ÿ  - Provision of all necessary ventilation.

Ÿ  - Flue flow to ensure products of combustion are safely removed.

Ÿ  - All flame failure devices.

Ÿ  - Any evidence of unsafe operation.


Where a gas appliance falls short of the necessary requirements a Combico Heating Gas Safe registered engineer can arrange any remedial work to bring the appliance into compliance.


On satisfactory fulfilment of the requirements of the inspection, the Combico Heating Gas Safe registered engineer will issue the CP12 Certificate.


A Gas Safe record will contain:


Ÿ   – The gas engineers details.

Ÿ   – Inspection installation address.

Ÿ   – The landlord or agents name and address.

Ÿ   – Appliance details, flue test and inspection details.

Ÿ   – The date on which the appliance or flue was checked.

Ÿ   – The number of appliances and flues checked.

Ÿ   – The details of any faults and rectification work carried out.

Ÿ   – The date of the certificate’s issue.


The CP12 certificate must be kept by the landlord for a period of two years.


A copy must be provided for the tenants.


It is advisable to obtain a new inspection and CP12 certificate on any change of tenant to ensure that appliances are compliant with legal safety requirements at the commencement of a tenancy.