- All gas appliances should be routinely checked to ensure continuing safe operation.
- Gas Safe recommends that complete servicing and safety checks should be carried out least once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
- Boiler warranty and service plans usually require appliances to be serviced annually to satisfy clause conditions.

Sophisticated modern heating appliances need regular servicing to ensure continuing outstanding performance and completely safe operation.

Keeping your boiler or gas appliance in tip-top operating condition can maximise energy efficiency and reduce the risk of an inconvenient operating failure. Nobody relishes the possibility of a gas boiler breakdown in the middle of winter or the resulting ice-cold radiators and loss of domestic hot water for showers or baths.

A malfunctioning gas appliance can also produce lethal carbon monoxide gas and produce excessive condensation.

Having your appliance competently serviced before the beginning of winter can help to keep your home safe, snug and warm throughout the cold winter months.

Combico Heating can arrange the perfect gas appliance-servicing programme to keep you and your home protected against unexpected appliance breakdowns and the extortionate cost of emergency call-out charges.

Only Gas Safe Registered engineers can work on gas and fit, fix and service boilers, gas fires and most types of gas cookers in your home. A Combico Heating engineer is Gas Safe registered.