5 indications of a malfunctioning and potentially dangerous combi boiler.

If you notice any of these 5 indications of a malfunctioning combi boiler, turn off the boiler and seek professional advice.

  1. A combi boiler that burns with a yellow flame. If the boiler flame is not burning with a crisp, blue flame, combustion is incomplete. This could increase the levels of deadly carbon monoxide production and will also seriously reduce the operating efficiency of the appliance.
  2. Having to continually re-start the combi boiler. This can be a sign of inadequate gas pressure or a problem with the ignition components.
  3. Discolouration around the combi boiler. Any unusual brown marks or soot deposits on the boiler or around its vicinity, particularly at the connection with the combi boiler flue, must be investigated immediately.
  4. Excessive condensation. Any unusual increase in condensation levels within the home can be a sign that the combi boiler is operating incorrectly.
  5. The distinctive smell of gas. Shut off the gas main supply and phone the free 24 hour national emergency number on 0800 111 999, immediately.

A correctly maintained and regularly serviced combi boiler will help to minimise the chances of potentially dangerous operation. It is important to get an annual inspection and service carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. Contact Combico Heating here.