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Did you know that Combico Heating is currently offering an outstanding deal on the installation of any new boiler in Bolton and the surrounding area?

If your old boiler has managed to struggle through yet another winter, congratulations.

The only thing left to worry about now is the winter gas bill. You see, if your boiler is 10 years old or more, it could be costing you an eye watering 25% more to run than a new modern boiler. With heating costs taking up at least 60% of the annual household energy bill, that could equate to a fuel wastage costing you around £300 a year.

Because the age and type of boiler dictates its energy efficiency, older boilers can be almost half as efficient as modern boilers. So poor is the operating efficiency of older, non-condensing types of boiler that since 2010, only modern condensing boilers with efficiency ratings above 88% are now, with a few exceptions, legally allowed to be installed in the UK.

Modern condensing boilers extract the heat from the flue gases. This is used to boost the heat available to the heat exchanger, lowering the demand for fuel. In older non-condensing type boilers, this heat is expelled through the flue and lost into the atmosphere.

Older boilers often have primitive controls in comparison with modern boilers, which make them difficult to control effectively. Another drawback with older boilers is their gradual slide into obsolescence, which makes the sourcing of spare or replacement parts extremely difficult.

Fitting a new condensing boiler will often result in an energy efficiency of around 90%. This means that 90% of the fuel used is converted into heat that can be used in the home. An old boiler can be as inefficient as 50%. What is more, a modern new boiler benefits from a wide range of technical improvements.

To begin with, they are considerably more compact than older models. This means that not only do they take up less valuable space; they can also be located in other parts of the house and are no longer confined to the kitchen.

Because they are constructed from advanced materials that make them significantly quieter when operating, they can even be fitted in a bedroom or a loft space.

However, with their new modern sleek styling and whisper quiet operation, why would you want to hide them away unless a shortage of space meant that you had to.

New condensing boilers also benefit from the very latest in thermostatic controls that can make your home much more comfortable. Digital programmers and sensors incorporated into the system will make your home the perfect haven on cold, dark winter mornings and nights. And of course, the boilers can provide plenty of hot water when required for domestic use during the summer months.

Perhaps one of the other main advantages of installing a new gas boiler which is often overlooked is the resulting potential increase in the value of your property should you wish to sell it. Most prospective house buyers value inheriting a modern boiler and heating installation.

For those households thinking about installing a new boiler in Bolton and the surrounding area, Combico Heating can provide a totally comprehensive service.

Whether you require a space saving Combi boiler, which requires no separate water storage cylinder, or an efficient replacement boiler for an existing open vented system, Combico Heating can fulfill your requirements.

Combico Heating can advise you on the most appropriate type of boiler for your home, taking into account the property size, number of occupants and the number of radiators on your central heating system. It is most important that a new boiler is capable of accommodating any existing heating systems and has the heat production capacity to meet the required demand.

We will check that your new boiler will operate on your current water pressure.

We will ensure that your gas supply pipe meets the requirements and advise on a suitable location for your new boiler.

Combico Heating will quickly install your new boiler with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience. Our Gas Safe registered and industry proficient engineers will ensure that your new boiler is correctly installed and operating safely. When the installation is completed, they will show you how to operate the boiler properly to maximise its efficiency.

We can also provide an annual service and maintenance inspection on all your gas appliances.

Getting a new boiler in Bolton and the surrounding area could not be simpler!

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